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THE Boars

Hoping for some babies in the Autumn

New boar for 2020

Hoping for some new lines

Lovely sow  2020


Doris. 25th Dec 07... BEST RARE VARIETY.PENRYN 7th March 09.Doris is A grandmother, Retired.

This is Audrey 6th July 08. Mother Doris/ Father Nanuk.Orion behind hope to have some lovely babies from these two.


Spangles,Shebert & Meggie 3 sows. sherbert has now gone to a breeding home, below far right is Melody. Spangles won best RV in December

Litters will be due early 2013 

Snowdrop, won 5/8 challenge at London Championship show.Nina, won Best R.V 3 times/ now retired.

 From L-R Berry, Nina,Candy,Snowdrop and Roma, our Teddy sows.








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