Bere-Valley Cavies

Guinea pig Breeder of Rex, Teddies, Golden agouti, Magpie/Harlequin, & pets


Pet Litter Born June 2022

one on far right   available ready now.

   Born July 2022       

Dalmation pet boar  will be available.
Golden Agouti Litter born July 2022 Ready now


Golden Agouti Litter
Born July 2022


Cinnamon Agouti , Born April  2022

Teddies  will be paired 2022\due July onwards

Golden Agouti Due..April 2022

Cinnamon/Cream agouti  paired March 2021

Also pet litters due.

Guinea pigs are pregnant for around 10 weeks, babies started weaning around 4 weeks and they are usually ready to leave to new homes at 6 weeks old.

Golden  Agouti litter  born  July 2022.

 Pet litter/ reserved/staying

Cinnamon/Cream agouti Litter All staying

Pudding, Dumpling and Figgy.

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