Bere-Valley Cavies

Guinea pig Breeder of Rex, Teddies, Golden agouti, Magpie/Harlequin, & pets


Pet Litter Born June 2022

one will be available

   Born June 2022       

Californian x Rex Litter born 6th June 2022 some will be available.
Cinnamon Litter born April 2022


Golden Agouti Litter
Born 1st  May 2022
ready 13th June onwards

Cinnamon Agouti , Born April  2022

Teddies  will be paired 2022\due July onwards

Golden Agouti Due..April 2022

Cinnamon/Cream agouti  paired March 2021

Also pet litters due.

Guinea pigs are pregnant for around 10 weeks, babies started weaning around 4 weeks and they are usually ready to leave to new homes at 6 weeks old.

Golden  Agouti litter  born  April 2022.

 Pet litter/ reserved/staying

Cinnamon/Cream agouti Litter All staying

Pudding, Dumpling and Figgy.

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