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Guinea pigs in School

The Benefits of keeping Guinea pigs in Schools

Introducing the new Guinea pigs Rolo and Crunchie to Tavistock College staff and students. 

Sarah Jones Principle of Tavistock college wrote  "Tavistock College students were delighted by the very kind donation by Mrs Esther Arnold made last week. Earlier in the year the college sadly lost the last remaining guinea pig that was cared for by students as part of the animal care programme run by Helen Harris. Some students had grown up with the guinea pigs and considered them an important part of the college, and they were very sad when they passed away. Mrs Arnold, an ex-parent and local breeder of guinea pigs, decided to donate two baby guinea pigs in recognition of the support shown to her son by Alex Jackson in the years he attended Tavistock College. She was an active participant of the PTA for many years and is welcomed to the college to participate in discussions and debates. It was a kind gesture that was heart-warming".

We now have quite a few of our Guinea pigs gone to homes in Schools, From Tavistock College, Duchy college, Courtlands school in Plymouth also a pre-school.

We feel that there are many benefits that our piggies can give to students as they respond well to humans, can be very

talkative and teach children to care and take responsibility of another living creature.   Children also can grow

plants for the guinea pigs, like lemongrass, dandelions and carrots all enjoyed by Guineas. They can

experiment with favourite foods, also maybe children can read to the guinea pigs, they are very good listeners,

write stories about them...the list is endless really.

We have had very good feedback  that Guinea pigs work well.

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We asked that our guinea pigs will always have  responsible adult supervision when being handled by the

children, it is a good idea to place a towel on the child's lap, just in case nature calls. (guinea pigs, not child!) 

I am happy to answer any questions that the children may have and love to hear their stories, also any ideas

from teaches how their guinea pigs help  children with learning.

We are happy to answer any question about requirements in schools.

Teddy the Magpie Guinea pig, enjoying a cuddle at Courtlands School in Plymouth

Below Coco

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