Bere-Valley Cavies

Guinea pig Breeder of Rex, Teddies, Golden agouti, Magpie/Harlequin, & pets

Here are some of our piggies we have available, if you are interested in a certain breed, then please feel free to contact us for availability or to be added to our waiting list.
  Please check back regularly in the Nursery page for up and coming babies, we are happy to hold babies that will be available,.
Please be aware that Breeds are very popular , so you may need to wait for them to become available.

BOARS £15.00 SOWS £20.00  Prices for Teddies please ask 

Please NO time wasters thank you.

  We are always happy to answer any questions. Thanks for looking 
 UPDATED 22/06/2022 
Please email [email protected] for enquiries.

   We are happy to add people to the waiting list  ... litters will be due throughout  2022

These 2 boys will be ready to leave 7th February 2022 Blue eyed white tufty and Teddy. Reserved

Black sow  8 weeks old £20.

Teddy and golden agouti  boars, 8 weeks old  ready now  £30 the pair. 


Golden Agouti and Teddy   boars 8 weeks old  ready now , £30 the pair


[email protected] 

We do not sell to under 18s unless with a adult..We will only sell pairs or more, unless you have a guinea pig already as they get very lonely on their own, being herd animals.

We DO NOT let our guineas go for company with Rabbits as both need different requirements.Rabbits can bully their cage mates and even kill them.

Sorry they are not to go for commercial breeding to supply pet shops, I love them too much.They are paired  up before they go.


Please note a small deposit will reserve a pig/ the ones on hold are waiting for a deposit/collection, so may come back for sale if we are let down.

Boar Or Sow

There is really no difference in whether you have boars or sows, Boars tend to be more inquisitive than sows and are fine living in pairs as long as they were introduced together at weaning, an older and baby boar with usually get on well. if you are wanted more than a pair then sows would be a better opinion.  


Please read my guinea pig care page if you are a first time piggie owner, I am more then happy to answer any question on their care and needs, just drop me a line. 

Teddy boar.

 for sale/ready now.