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Cinnamon Agouti

The cream Agouti 

in the autumn of 2019 we acquired a small stud of Cream Agouti, so looking forwards to 2020 litters 

Cody 1st Best 5/8 agouti Devon CC /Zayda 2nd

The chocolate Agouti is one of the rarest breeds of Agouti. They are a truly beautiful breed of cavy with only a few dedicated breeders in the uk.

They are a Chocolate based pig with Orange ticking, these are the start of our project for 2013 and hopefully will also introduce the Cinnamon another endangered Agouti breed. Coral is our very first chocolate Agouti

young sow.SOPHIA 

young boar/CHARLIE

 dilute boar. ROMANY

 Cinnamon boar.



Kate our Cream agouti sow


Gypsy Best Cinnamon at Stafford show

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